TheStudentCampus is a unique blend of Learning Management System (LMS) & Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in one innovative platform. Following the presentation of the initial prototype to investors, TheStudentCampus raised $1.25 million funding in less than three months.

Overview of Activities

- Competitive analysis 
- User profiling and scenario research 
- Content inventory
- Brand exploration workshops
- Brand application and design
- User observation sessions
- User interviews (educators, guardians)
- Prototyping and testing
- User interface application
- Illustrations and iconography design

Logo mark design and login panel. The mark combined typographic elements to visualise the digital Campus built around the Student.

Design of icons representing the various institutions that will potentially benefit from using The Student Campus: University, Private Tuition, Elementary School, Secondary/Higher Schools and Business Organisations.
To anchor the vision, I evaluated existing VLE technologies. I derived contextual insights through user research and based on these findings developed personas for TheStudentCampus articulating the customer journey and value proposition for each. These personas guided the creation of design and experience principles for the project. With research in hand, I collaborated with senior members of the TheStudentCampus management to generate concepts for the product through iterative sketching, prototyping and testing with real users.

Following the presentation of the initial prototype to investors which I designed in collaboration with the engineering team, TheStudentCampus raised $1.25 million funding in less than three months.

Design for an Educator Dashboard giving the user the possibility to have an overview of Staff, Lesson Schedules and Activity Feed.

Design for a Multiple choice Subject test. Students can see how much time is left for completion, percentage of completion and also have the possibility of pausing the test.

(Left) Design for Course Transcript. (Right) Chat modules

Design for the Attendance screen

Illustrations for website/landing pages to explain features and benefits of The Student Campus
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